1) How can I wash Nooks Design felted wool booties?

The wool used to create Nooks Design booties has been pre-washed and pre-shrunk during the felting process.  If the booties get dirty, simply machine wash them with cold water on a gentle cycle and lay them flat to dry.  (Exposing the product to the intense heat of a dryer will ruin the leather hide sole and will void warranty.)  

If after washing the booties they seem to fit snug, simply keep them on warm feet for a few hours and they will stretch out and mold to the wearer's foot once again. 

2) Which style of bootie (slip-on or Velcro flap closure) stay on a child's feet the best?
Both the Velcro-flap and slip-on booties have a built-in elastic just above the ankle to provide a gentle but snug fit that keeps the footwear in place, even on active feet.
The Velcro flap simply allows a greater range of adjustability to accommodate changing calf sizes and to slip over onesie pajamas.
Both styles are easy to put on and take off, and the decision comes down more to aesthetics than anything else.

3) How do I determine which size I need?

Children’s feet grow so quickly and vary so much from one child to the next that we suggest you use our sizing chart as a guide. You can either order based on the child’s age, their (US) shoe size, or by measuring the length of their foot when they're standing on a flat surface (and add 0.5" for growing room). 

For babies who are not yet walking, it's safe to purchase booties that are one size bigger than indicated on the sizing chart to allow ample room for growth. When children begin to transition from crawling to walking however, it is recommended that the footwear fits snuggly in order to avoid tripping on any excess material.

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